More than one area can be cleaned. For example, curtains, carpets, rugs and upholstery can all be cleaned during one visit by our professional cleaning staff. Making our service the logical choice as a preferred service supplier.


Why use Insitu - On site cleaning

The most obvious reason to clean curtains on site is sheer convenience. In many cases window applications can not easily be taken down and rehung.
Many specialized fabrics can not be cleaned with an immersion method. Using the In Situ cleaning process helps to prevent colour loss.
Rooms can be used with in 30 minutes of completing the cleaning process.

Benefit of Insitu Cleaning

Thanks to the In Situ hot solvent extraction method of dry cleaning, rooms can be used withing 30 minutes of curtains being cleaned. The process has been stringently tested on all types of fabric and we guarantee no colour runs, shrinkage or damage in any way.

What is the INSITU way

Insitu Way

What is the INSITU way

With today’s varied styles of window treatments, fabrics and construction styles, conventional wet cleaning is not always possible. The Solution is un mistakable... On Site curtain and blind cleaning.

InSitu cleaning is an innovative process that permits curtain cleaning at the customers home or place of business. It also offers a unique solution for large curtain drops found in theatres and convention halls that are too difficult or too time consuming to remove. InSitu cleaning are the preferred supplier for several of the top hotel groups and private homes in Johannesburg. 


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About Us

About Us

Insitu Curtains and Cleaning offer a top notch onsite curtain and blind cleaning service. We  have also been making bespoke curtains for 15 years to the hospitlity and domestic industry.


A growing demand became apparent for a need to re-service these clients through maintaining the life span of customers curtains and soft. The owner traveled to the UK to train on the system and gain all the knowledge necessary to be able to offer a top rate cleaning and maintance service.

Not only does Insitu still offer an up market curtain making service, we can maintain your investment for years to come.Curtain cleaning onsite is the recommended trouble free answer to all home owners.


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Insitu curtains and Cleaning
Georgina Fuller-Good
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Georgina and her team deliver a fantastic service, always on time, top class workmanship and leave my home smelling amazing, Thank you…….. Gina Lewis-Enright, Waterfall Estate (Jhb)" "I just wanted to send you a message to say how impressed/ chuffed I am with my carpet and 2 couches. The young guy really worked exceptionally hard for more than an hour and a half. The last carpet people I had in were done in 20 minutes. Our carpet and couches look like new again and the shampoo you use is so divine everything smells so fresh. He also left no sign of ever being there. Our floors hand no water or dirt marks at all. Thanks so much Kind regards Ashleigh Langman Tax Analyst: International Assigments T +27 11 407 1760 M 2 Jan Smuts Ave, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2000"